Party fit for a Prince...

Here at BAOD we are not all about flowers, I'm sure that you are aware. Our concierge and styling services mean that we are involved with many aspects of an event. Here the florals were provided by the lovely Wendy and Her team at the Dorchester Florist. We simply stepped in to help create a night club vibe by providing furniture and styling...

When Dionne Warwick, NeYo, Mariah Carey and Pamela Anderson are guests let's hope we got it right!


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wispy and whimsical wedding samples!

Whimsical flowers destined for an interesting outside in wedding....  

followed by a rather blurry drive to the Lake District ....

to The Swan Hotel to create hedgerows of Blackberry and Bay for the new Jo Malone Fragrance!

Inspired by childhood memories and country ramblings....

You may remember the post "A Drop Of Vintage"

The complete story...

Those trees seem to be cropping up all over!

Awaiting a reveal...

Delicious and delightful Peggy Porschen cake!

Whistle stop to London to the Westbury Hotel for Jo Malone part two "the Training"


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A sample table for an English Rose.....

It's always a joy to be part of our clients journey to their event. From the first meeting to the sample table with all the excitement and build up to the day. Sometimes we are there to simply assist with flowers and sometimes for a whole lot more but it's always a pleasure especially when the clients are so lovely! This is the journey of an English Rose and Her Beau .....


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One Sunny Day In West Hampstead...

Two and a bit years in London has afforded us the opportunity to work with lots of magazines on editorial. The experience has always been rewarding .....we have learned so much!

It has always been a pleasure to assist the charming and delightful Polly Atkinson at Conde Nast Brides Magazine, the shoot below was no exception.

 A romantic nod to days gone by incorporating a delicious colour palette of lilac, cream, baby pink and pale blue......

To start take one beautiful home, showered with natural light.

Add a touch of elegant styling and some delightful confections from Maki

A generous armful of whimsical flowers.

Place in the oven and bake on high...enjoy while still hot!

We also created a faux flower arch..

and floral stands for Astrid Joss' millinery shoot...

Delicious Reading!!!


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As Promised...Gardenias at Le Manoir .....

Sometimes the best made plans become slightly unravelled, especially when the British weather becomes involved! It's important to think on your feet and be prepared for last minute changes and fingers cross and say a prayer it will all work...The  Brides' dream was that the celebration should be outdoors, our original sketches embraced this wish however the weather did not, but all was not lost.

Thanks to Catherine Mead for capturing the build and the fruits of our labour...beautifully (as always!)

Once upon a time there was a tree not just any tree....

Fit for Victorian Fairies..

....and they all lived happily ever after.


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Leafy Limewood....

Leafy Limewood the essence of the country without the mud! It is always a pleasure to work at Limewood. The staff are always exceptionally helpful and friendly and the setting is idyllic. Our lovely couple found us by way of an editorial in a national magazine,that was the starting point of our creative journey!  Please enjoy the fruits of the journey.....

The Bride

A Table To Escort..(complete with the odd bumble bee!)

To A Leafy Garden Reception

Let's Not Forget The Little Ones Who Enjoyed A Tea Fit For A Hatter!


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When the sun shines on Blenheim...

The sun kissed Blenheim Palace making it even more magical and wondrous, for the engagement of a very special couple. The brief for us was 'the birds and bees' a celebration of the countryside...

Inside the secret garden..

A sweet confection by Rosalind Miller!

The Ritz for Marriage, Tea and Cake and the Saville Club for a masked party!

A beautiful and elegant wedding in the Ritz.....

All change time for tea!

Oh! quick it's over to the Saville Club for a Masked Party!

Delicious, jewel like cakes from Maki!

And when your neighbour (Stephanie Allin) pops over for little something floral for The White Gallery..

Something bridal with a hint of Moroccan spice!

To follow Gardenias at Le Manior...


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"For starters I'll have...."

Our most recent tasting table we did for a couple getting married in the beautiful Limewood hotel this May. Secret garden roses, blooming peonies and heavenly smelling sweet-pea's.....this pink and pistachio table looked good enough to eat!



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