When the sun shines on Blenheim...

The sun kissed Blenheim Palace making it even more magical and wondrous, for the engagement of a very special couple. The brief for us was 'the birds and bees' a celebration of the countryside...

Inside the secret garden..

A sweet confection by Rosalind Miller!

The Ritz for Marriage, Tea and Cake and the Saville Club for a masked party!

A beautiful and elegant wedding in the Ritz.....

All change time for tea!

Oh! quick it's over to the Saville Club for a Masked Party!

Delicious, jewel like cakes from Maki!

And when your neighbour (Stephanie Allin) pops over for little something floral for The White Gallery..

Something bridal with a hint of Moroccan spice!

To follow Gardenias at Le Manior...


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