This Week We Are Mostly.....

We love a challenge! So when a certain wonderful Lady walked into the shop and asked  for flowers to celebrate the opening of  of an art exhibition based on Dead Man's Patterns we begged to be trusted...and trusted we were! Fortunately both artist Hormazd Narielwalla and his Host appreciated our take on Dead Man’s Patterns Memento Mori featuring pattern skulls as objects and artworks all remembering death, made with tailoring patterns of bespoke Savile Row customers who are now deceased.




We also provided some flamboyant pastel arrangements for a certain High Street fashion stores ad campaign!

It's strange as young boy I was asked at school to bring an object or photograph of something which I considered beautiful... So I turned up to class with a red rose. I really  had no inclination as to how many red roses I would encounter in later life!!!

This is not Valentines! 3600 Freedom Roses imported from Columbia are this weekends task.

I'll show you the outcome next time!


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